Moriah, Owner + Founder

Moriah has always loved everything about cats, and she wanted to create a business to combine that love with her passion for photography and connecting people in social situations. On Valentine’s Day of 2021, she traveled with her husband, Sam, to Oahu, where she set foot inside a cat cafe—and the rest is history! 

After several months of searching for the perfect space, securing permits, holding meetings with designers, contractors, suppliers, and vendors, Cat Cafe Maui became a reality in August of 2022!

Moriah created a space where friends and families can connect with each other and the cats in a fun, cozy, and inviting way, all while making an important step to solving the cat overpopulation on Maui.

Moriah has also spearheaded a collaboration with the Maui Humane Society to provide the cats to the cafe, and to arrange for their welfare. She’s at the cafe almost every day to ensure an enjoyable experience for both the guests and the beautiful cats of Maui.

As of January of 2024, Cat Cafe Maui has facilitated the adoptions of over 500 homeless cats—including cats being flown to their forever homes on the mainland. Its location on the second floor of Queen Ka’ahumanu Center has welcomed guests from all over the world. It’s truly a dream come true! 

“I love that people leave happy… whether they adopt or not.”

Our Cat Cafe Maui Ohana (family)

We all take ownership, and we work as a cohesive team. Our combined commitment is to the cats and their well-being, and to create the purrrfect match for cats and their humans.

Jannick, Manager

Jannick is a resilient survivor of the Lahaina wildfire that ravaged the island in 2023. She was able to save her beloved cat from the flames and has since been committed to giving back to the community by extending her gratitude to others through adoption and care of the island’s felines. With her passion for cats and her experience as a wildfire survivor, Jannick is a valuable addition to the team at the cat cafe. She is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for both cats and humans alike, and is excited to share her love of felines with the community.

“It’s an honor to help others find freedom through the eyes of a feline!”

Katt, Adoption Specialist

Katt is a proud Northwest native and a firm believer in pets being an integral part of your family. She has a deep conviction that felines can be the cure to so many things, bringing joy, comfort, and healing into our lives.

She is a strong advocate for the power of true, deep connections between people and animals. There is something truly magical about the bond we share with our furry friends. They have an incredible ability to understand us, provide unconditional love, and bring immense happiness to our lives.

Her passion lies in the power of adoption. She firmly believes that every animal deserves a loving home, and there is something truly special about giving a shelter or rescue cat a second chance at a happy life. The transformative power of adoption is remarkable, not only for the cat but also for the person who opens their heart and home to them.

“No better feeling than seeing a person find their fur-ever bestie!”

AJ, Receptionist

Meet AJ, our exceptional receptionist with a heart full of aloha! Born in the vibrant city of Chicago and raised on the beautiful island of Maui, AJ brings a unique blend of Midwestern charm and island hospitality to our team.

With a passion for helping others, AJ finds joy in bringing a smile to people’s faces and making their experience unforgettable. Whether it’s greeting guests with a warm welcome, or providing assistance with a friendly demeanor, AJ is always ready to lend a helping hand.

AJ’s dedication to customer service is matched only by her love for music. Just like a perfectly tuned melody, she strives to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere for everyone she encounters.

“It makes me so happy when kitties find their fur-ever home!”