Would you like to adopt a cat?

All adoptable cats at Cat Café Maui come from Maui Humane Society, so by adopting from Cat Café Maui, you’re saving Maui's cats in need. We’re happy to be partnering with Maui Humane Society to find our homeless cats homes and free up space at the shelter! Visit our Instagram to view our cats.

Adoption Fees

There are no adoption fees for adopting cats from Cat Cafe Maui. Once you are approved for adoption, you will be directed to a donation link for Maui Humane Society, and you can give a donation in any amount you desire as a sign of your appreciation.

Benefits of Adopting

You have certain benefits as part of your adoption, including:

    ● Spay/Neuter
    ● Microchip
    ● Vaccine & deworming
    ● 2 week healthcare
    ● Flea & tick control
    ● Free exam at participating veterinarians
    ● Free trial pet insurance
    ● Cat caddy

You will also receive a folder with a copy of the cat’s medical records.

How to Adopt

Adopting a cat is an important decision, as you are becoming responsible for a life. The most important part of your adoption is to come to Cat Cafe Maui and connect with the cat in person. We do our best to match cats' personalities and habits with people who will care for them and provide them a good, loving life. It is important that everyone in your household is on board with your decision! Visit our cafe during opening ours, so that we can meet you and review all the details in person, before finalizing and filling out the forms. We look forward to seeing you soon!