We know you love your cats, but no – the space has been set up for the cats at the cafe. The cat lounge is a controlled space and a carefully maintained environment, and the cats have all been screened and carefully checked for medical conditions, so we have a policy of not allowing cats from outside. 

No, we do not have the resources to accept cats. We recommend that you take any cats that have been found or rescued to the Maui Humane Society. Once they have been found healthy and suitable for adoption, they may make their way back to the cafe.

Once you come into the cafe, and see a cat that you like, one of our volunteers will sit with you and explain some of the basics of adoption, and you can fill out a form and adopt a kitten. All of the kittens are the property of Maui Humane Society until you adopt them, and come with a complete medical folder. with their history. MHS sponsors two weeks of free veterinary care.

Adoptions are on a donation-only basis. All adoption donations go directly to Maui Humane Society. MHS has provided amazing support to Cat Café Maui by providing us with not only the cats, but kitty supplies, adoption administration, and veterinary care. We are so grateful for all their help!

The entry fee helps to cover our operating costs, and provides value to visitors and people who wish to enjoy the space, spend time with the cats in a fun environment, and participate in events. The model has worked in lots of places across the country, and in other countries. 
We also encourage anyone who wants to join our Cat Cafe Ohana by offering free entry to volunteers. We welcome you to come without paying a fee if you would like to help out! Volunteers get free entry. We give free entry to anyone who is willing to lend a hand to welcome guests or to participate in the cleaning. Shifts are only two hours. If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign up through our non profit page at www.mauicatrescue.org/volunteer

We care for our adoptable cats’ health, and we ask you to remove your shoes and put on some clean socks to keep the place as clean as possible for them. If you don’t have socks, we have kitty socks for purchase, or booties to put over your shoes.

Yes, but some requirements have to be met in order to do so, many of which are listed here. Through our partnership with the Maui Humane Society, we can help!  At the time of the adoption, we will walk you through the requirements below. 

Health Certificate
If you are flying your adopted pet out of the State of Hawaii a Health Certificate provided by a licensed veterinarian is required within 10 days of the flight. This document certifies that your animal is healthy and safe to fly. The cost for a Health Certificate is $40.

Rabies Vaccination
If you are flying your adopted pet out of the State of Hawaii, a Rabies Vaccination is required for pets of appropriate age. The fee for the vaccination is $20.

Air Kennel for Transport
Cost can range from $30-$250 for an air kennel depending on the size of the animal you are shipping. The animal must have enough space to stand up and turn around comfortably in the air kennel and have metal hardware that is secure for shipping.

Flight Options
Each airline has specific restrictions and availability. Shipping methods often depend on the airline you have selected for transport. In some cases animals can be in the cabin with you, shipped as baggage or flown as cargo. For more information about these options and restrictions please contact the suggested airlines listed below.

Inter-Island Flights

Aloha Air Cargo 808-877-2025
Island Air 888-587-6111
Go! 888-435-9462
Mokulele 866-260-7070
Hawaiian Airlines 877-422-2746
TransAir Cargo 888- 999-9015

Out of State Flights

American Airlines 800-227-4622
Alaskan Airlines 800-225-2752
Air Canada 808 836-1973
Hawaiian Airlines 877-422-2746
United Airlines 800-621-5647
Delta Airlines 888-736-3738

After you complete the initial requirements we will work with you and the Maui Humane Society to coordinate your pet’s transfer.