Cat Cafe Maui is the cats’ home, and you are their guest. You need a reservation to visit. Walk-ins are also welcome, but we can’t guarantee you will have a spot, and you may have to wait a bit. 

How It Works


You and your friends want to see lots of cats and decide to book tickets.

Check In

On the cafe side. Here, you’ll sign waivers (did you know that cats have teeth and claws?) and get a snack or self-serve drink.

Meet The Cats

When it’s time, you’ll go into the cat lounge (there’s a separate entrance because cats and food can’t be in the same area) to make new furry friends.

Adopt If You Want

Want to welcome your new friend into the family? Great! We partner with Maui Humane Society, and all of our cats are adoptable. You can fill out an application during your visit. There is no pressure, and no expectations.

Visiting Hours

Open Daily: 11 am – 5 pm

*Cat visiting hours end at 5 pm

Adoption Hours

Daily: 11 am – 5 pm

Admission Fee

50 min: $20

Kama’aina 10% off

Suggestions for Visiting With Cats

  • We know you like flip-flops and shorts, but be ready – cats are likely to sit in your lap, ride on your shoulders, jump onto you, or walk up your leg for attention. Most of our cats are not declawed; the occasional use of a claw as they interact with you is not uncommon.
  • Clean your hands. Cats have a heightened sense of smell! They may decide your hand smells tasty or nasty and react accordingly. You can use our sanitizer station.
  • When you visit, you’re renting time and space to be with the kitties, even if it’s just to watch them nap, and they do a lot of that, especially in the late afternoon hours. Some are active for several hours after we open. Some are active all day long, and some are just perpetual nappers.
  • Quiet is how the cats like their home so please don’t disrupt their peaceful atmosphere. We use background music that cats find pleasing. 
  • Walk-ins welcome, but there might be a wait. We cannot accommodate more than 10 people in our space at the same time, so we might ask you to wait a little while when you arrive. When it comes to allowing people in at a certain time or after waiting, visitors who have prepaid their visit online have priority.

Terms and Conditions of Visiting

  • All visitors must sign our waiver.
  • For any child 17 or younger, a parent or guardian must sign this form 
  • When your visit includes children, we require one adult for every two children under the age of 15. 
  • Entry to cat room with clean socks only. if you don’t own socks there are some cute cat print socks to purchase in the gift shop.
  • The entry fee is per person (with the exception for children who remain in strollers and do not interact with the cats).

Cat Rules

These rules will be strictly enforced for the tranquility of the cats and visitors. If you or anyone in your party fails to comply or otherwise disrupts the cats or other visitors, we have no choice but to ask you to leave. There will be no refund.

Waiver and Release of Liability

By entering The Cat Cafe Maui, you accept full responsibility for any injuries or damages to you, your minor children, and/or any personal property, which may result from your visit, and agree to waive any claim that you might have now or in the future against Cat Cafe Maui and Maui Cat Rescue, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents for any injuries or damages you may suffer while visiting Cat Cafe Maui.